Baking Doodle Vector Clipart

Baking Doodle Vector Clipart

Free Download of Baking Doodle Vector Clipart - Graphics

Baking Doodle Vector Clipart Playful Doodle Illustration Clipart Pack about Baking in Vector Format. All your favourite baking ingredients and tools in a single pack! Popular ingredients such as: flour, eggs, salt, milk, honey, cheese, butter, wheat, oil, etc. Some favourite bread/ cake/ pastry/ deserts like baguette, cupcake, bread, donut, pie, pretzel, cinnamon roll, croissant, cake, cupcake, cookie, etc. Also most-used kitchen tools like spoon, gratter, cupcake paper, cookies cutter, frying pan, oven, brush, apron, chef's hat, cake stand, tong, pipping tube, whisk, jug, cutting board, spatula, knife, glove, rolling spin, scale, mixer and many more. Each object have filled and outlined style! Perfect to use to display your culinary business, bakery, brand identity, packaging, stand, booth, brochure, menu, flyer, poster, social media, banner or any other promotional media. You will get:
  • 2 Illustrator AI file.
  • 88 Vector EPS file.
  • 88 Individual PDF files.
  • 88 Isolated PNG files.
  • 88 SVG files.