Modern Opener + 33 Lower Thirds


Free Download of Modern Opener + 33 Lower Thirds - Video Templates

Modern Opener + 33 Lower Thirds

  • Template perfect for broadcast or YouTube web show, to create an intro, promotion or commercial. Featuring 33 lower-third titles / text with animated in and out transitions to be used on your project as overlaying simple titles, credits, sponsors tags, or social media tags; all featuring a minimal, elegant and clean style.
  • As shown on the preview the project is customizable and adaptable for different purposes, like; shows, television ident, social media promo, modern tech news opener, online gaming or e-sport event, blog shows, etc.

Template Features:

  • 2 Projects Included:
    • 01  Modern Opener  00:15 Seconds
    • 02  Modern Lower Thirds  33 Lower Thirds
  • For After Effects CS5.5 and Above
  • Drag and Drop your Footage (Images or Video) and Render. Organized with Placeholders, making editing very easy even for beginners.
  • Universal Color Controls. Customize Colors for the entire Project in one place. Saving you time from changing Colors individualy for every layer.
  • Works with All AE Languages. Your After Effects is not in English? No problem! All expressions have been universalized and will run smoothly on any AE languages.
  • Well Organized and Labeled Projects. The extensive number of Comments and Labels for every Comp or Layer will make the customization of this Project fast and simple.
  • Video Tutorials Included. If you are a complete beginner or you feel like you need some help, the tutorial will guide you step by step through the customization of the Opener and Lower Thirds (change text | sizes | timing).
  • No Plugins Required. All you need to run this project is a copy of After Effects, no additional plugins or third-party software.