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WhiteLabel Built with Framework Y, the most powerful and advanced framework for developing modern websites in HTML and JQuery. Enjoy the extreme customization power and a very big set of modern components, features, and options. You can use it for every business like startups, web, agencies, web services, web businesses, web agency, fintech, creative agencies. Productivity Minimum Input, Maximum Output. All components work instantaneously. Flexibility Each module uses low-level functions that ensure maximum flexibility. Documentation Powerful and interactive, with code snippets to build your website faster. Performance Seo oriented, optimized code structure and minimal js and CSS files size. Extensive component library with advanced options The most complete components library on the market, composed of more than 80 components, enables a fast and easy template creation. Every component has dedicated options for all the needs.
  • 10 + MENUS
  • 500 + OPTIONS
Superior performance with great speed and high scores Speed is everything, the code is built to develop high-performance websites. Hard work has been done to minimize the file size of scripts and styles and to avoid redundant codes. Only lightweight plugins. Premium documentation Complete documentation with all the available options, configuration steps. Fast and easy to read. Responsive Bootstrap based and optimized for large desktop, tablet, and smartphones, tested on all screen sizes. Pure HTML Custom options array applied directly in the HTML, smart scripts automatically initialize and communicate together.